How do I measure a lamp harp?


A lamp harp is supposed to come down far enough on the lamp to cover certain parts. If your lamp has a neck, it should come down about halfway. If your lamp does not have a neck, then it should cover the socket and saddle. To find the right sized lamp harp for a replacement or to change your current size, you have to measure from the very bottom where it attaches to the lamp from the top just under the thread. You don't want to measure the thread at the very top, and don't squeeze the harp at the bottom to make it straight. You can use a tape measure or just place it down on a ruler.
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1. Unplug the lamp from the electrical outlet and unscrew the light bulb. Place the lamp on a level surface. 2. Raise the harp's two sliding cylinders, called ferrules, to reveal
1. Disconnect table lamp from electricity by unplugging from wall socket or extension cord. Allow light bulb to cool before removing for safety. Ad. 2. Remove finial from top of harp
Just use a tape measure or some other measuring tool.
To measure a lamp shade: Measure straight across center for Top Diameter, and then
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