How to Measure a Man's Suit?


To measure a man's suit, use a cloth tape and measure in this order - chest, waist, shoulders, trunk, sleeve, and inseam. Take the measurement over well fitting clothes. Visit this site for more information:
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1. Measure the chest area by crossing over the shoulder blades just under the arms. Measure over the "fullest" part of your chest. The inches shown represent the suit size
First of all you'll need a fabric measuring tape. You'll need to get the overarm, chest, waist, and the out seam and/or inseam for the pants. Each company measures differently. For
it depends on the man man.
Over the years men's clothing standards have become considerably more relaxed. Depending upon the company, it has become perfectly acceptable for men to go to work in casual slacks
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Measuring a man suit is a job for a seamstress or a tailor. The store you are going to purchase a suit at should have someone there to take care of your alterations ...
Measuring a man for a suit requires a good eye for fashion and a tape measure. Measuring will include chest, inseam and arms. Find a great tailor for the best ...
To measure a mans suit jacket length you will need a tape measure. With the man standing up straight you will need to hold the end of the tape measure at the base ...
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