How to Measure Deer Antlers?


In order to measure deer antlers, start by counting the antlers in order to determine the number of points on each antler. Measure the antlers from tip to tip to using a tape measure to determine the spread. Get the total lengths of all abnormal points on both sides. Then measure the main beam length and the length of each normal point on each side. Determine the circumference of each point from the first burr and the first point and up to each additional point.
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1. Determine the number of points on each antler by counting. A point must be at least 1-inch long to be considered a true point. 2. Measure the antlers from tip to tip to determine
I would say that deer antlers are about 39inches. They can grow 1.5inches a day!
Cleaning deer antlers is important before you mount and display them. Assuming they are fresh from a deer, the antlers have to be cleaned of blood, velvet, skin and other fragments
Each antler of the pair is then weighed and measured. Weight is the most
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How to Measure Deer Antlers
There's nothing quite like downing that trophy buck during deer season. Many hunters try to explain to their friends the size of the rack by reaching out their hands or telling how many points it had or by comparing it to last year's, mounted on the... More »
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