How do you measure diameter?


To measure the diameter of a circle you must measure the distance of a straight line that passes through the center of a circle with it's end points on the circle. The diameter of a circle will be the same from any two end points of a line that passes through the center. You can find more information here:
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You can measure diameter by finding the width of a circle. You then divide the width by two, and the answer you get will be the diameter.
1. Measure the car wheel, including the tire. Start by getting the tire pumped up at the local gas station. This will help reduce the flattening at the bottom of the tire, which could
a diameter is the whole measurement of a circle like if u where to find out the whole measurement of a ball 4 it 2 be a diameter it would have to measure the whole ball
It is measured by having a person look at a standardized eye chart that is set up 20 feet away. How well a person can read the diminishing lines on the chart determines how clear
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How to Measure the Diameter of Trees
The diameter of a round object is tricky to measure directly so the usual way is to start with the circumference and then calculate the diameter. The circumference of a tree is measured 4 1/2 feet above ground level unless it forks at that point, in... More »
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To measure the diameter of a round object first get some string. Wrap the string around the object and then cut it when it completely goes around it once. Then ...
Chest AP (anteroposterior) diameter is a test that measures the distance between two points that are located on the anterior and posterior aspects of the chest ...
A calliper measurement for a tree is the measurement of the diameter of the trunk. To measure the diameter of the trunk, a tool called a tree calliper is used. ...
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