How to Measure Edema?


Before measuring edema, remove the clothing covering your feet and legs. Then, press firmly on your leg with your finger and observe the reaction of your skin. Lastly, measure the volume of water your foot displaces and note the results.
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1. Find the affected site and use your thumb to press over the bony surface with even and consecutive pressure for 5 to 10 seconds. The location would be the tibia or fibula if the
Pitting edema can be measured by placing two fingers into the edema and press. Then remove the fingers and watch how many seconds it takes for the fingerprints to disappear. The number
1. Remove clothing that is covering your feet and legs. 2. Look at your feet and legs. Compare one leg to the other and look for differences in size. Your whole leg may be swollen
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1. Record a measurement for each leg, and take measurements upon awaking in the morning, when legs have the least amount of edema. Measure the circumference of ...
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