How to Measure Jean Waist Size?


To measure jean waist size take a measuring tape that is used for sewing and crafting. Wrap the tape around your waist where you would wear your jeans. See what number it is on and that will be your jean waist size.
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1. Stand in front of a full-length mirror with no shirt on, or with your shirt lifted to reveal your waist. Bend to one side. You will see a crease form in your side as you bend.
Find your natural waist by feeling for the top of your pelvic bones on the sides and measure right above that bone for a proper waist measurement. Your hip measurement would be over
The size for 7/8 measurements is 22.5 for waist. Thanks for
what is there a differance between american and british waist sizes
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If you want to know your waist size for jeans, take a cloth measuring tape and measure just below your belly button. This is where jean size for the waist is. ...
1. Measure your waist. Wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waist, which for most women is at the belly button. 2. Measure your hips. Wrap ...
Jeans are sized by making measurements. Start by measuring your waist. Stand straight by using a soft tape measure and measure around your waist over the belly ...
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