How do you measure length, width and height?


It is easy to measure length, width, and height. Take the object you are measuring, for instance, a box. Measure how tall the box is, and that is the height. Measure how wide the box is going front to back, and that is width. Finally, the measurement of the box from side to side is length.
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cm,m. If you're measuring something not really large, then use a tape measure. If it's something large, use a laser. If you don't have a laser, then set aside adequate time and get
1. Place the end of the measuring tool you will use to measure the length and width at the left edge of the length of the space. Check to make the measuring tool starts its measurements
Time can be measured but it has no length, width or height. You can also
1. Take the length measurement of the mirror by sliding the end of the measuring tape up to reach the top edge. Hold it or hook it so that it stays put. Pull the tape down to the
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