How to Measure Linear Inches for Luggage?


To measure linear inches for luggages, a simple formula will need to be measured. The formula is X linear inches = length + width + depth. Most airlines use this type of measurement for their size restrictions.
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1. Close the baggage. Before maneuvering your luggage around to measure it, make sure it is zipped closed. This will help you get an accurate measurement and keep it from continually
All US industry still uses non-metric measure. This will not change anytime soon.
You add the length, width and depth of the suitcase; not the perimeter. Yes, you do have to include the handle if it's fixed and cannot be retracted. If the handle can be retracted
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How to Measure Luggage in Linear Inches
Some airlines have restrictions as to how large your baggage can be. When the airlines refer to size restrictions, they use the term linear inches for the allowable size. Some luggage manufacturers put the linear inches of your baggage on the tags or in... More »
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The linear inch is a unit invented by the airline industry to measure baggage. The size of a luggage in linear inches is the sum of the height, length and width ...
Luggage that is 62 linear inches is luggage that totals 62 inches when the height, width and depth of the bag are combined. Any combination of the three numbers ...
Linear inches refers to the combined number of inches of an object's height, length and width. The sum is obtained by measuring the height, length and width of ...
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