How do you measure your bust size?


Three measurements are taken to measure bust sizes - one just below the bust, one on the bust, and the other one just above the bust. A simple tape measure is used in taking the measurements. Use this table to convert the measurements into the corresponding size:
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1. Measure the circumference around the ribcage by placing a measuring tape around your torso, right underneath the breast. This measurement will be the band measurement, so you know
Find your natural waist by feeling for the top of your pelvic bones on the sides and measure right above that bone for a proper waist measurement. Your hip measurement would be over
To determine your correct bra and cup size, you will need a
get one of those tape measures that fashion designers use, then put it behind your back like a bra and bring it to the front. whatever number the end touches like let's say it says
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How to Measure My Bust Size
Measure your bust size by taking a measurement from below your breasts, then measuring across the largest part of the bust and calculating the bra size. Use a specific calculation to find your bust size with help from an image and etiquette consultant in... More »
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To measure the size of one's bust use a tape measure to measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust which is usually over the nipples. Make sure you keep the tape measure straight all around your body.
You can measure your bust by taking the measuring tape around your back and bring it across the fullest part of your bust. Your arms should be relaxed down at your sides.
To measure your bust size requires a tape measure. Pull the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. I have measured my bust many times in my life.
To measure your bust size you will need to wrap a measuring tape around your ribs. It has to be below your bust. Add four inches to the measured number if it is even. You can find more information here:
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