How to Meet Your Favorite Celebrity?


You need to do as much research on your favourite star as possible and try to find out where they live or where they are on tour and then make sure you are nearby. You can also try fan clubs, as you will be able to share information about your star. A website is also ideal because if it is good enough, your celebrity may even link the site to his or her official one.
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To meet your favorite celebrity you can hang out in the places they are frequently seen and hope they show up. If they do you can engage them in conversation.
1. Believe it or not Sunset Blvd. is a great place to run into celebrities. A lot of agents have office's on Sunset Blvd. and celebrities have lunch in that area. The Hamburger Hamlet
To meet celebrities you can look up where they are shooting films or videos and go hang out. You can go to Hollywood and go to premiers and other events. You may want to join some
1 Find out where the celebrity you'd like to meet is making an appearance. This will require some effort on your part, so ideally you should find a place they will be appearing relatively
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