How do you megger a motor?


In order for you to megger a motor, you will need to make sure that you have protective wear, especially on your eyes, such as protective goggles.
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1. Put on safety glasses. Disconnect and remove all power sources to the motor before attempting any type of repair. Double-check by using your volt ohm meter to ensure that all power
Briefly, a megger test is testing an electric circuit at load. The circuit might prove good at normal resistance measuring but fails when applying high voltage. Read the megger result
To use a megger, connect to the line side of one of the motor leads with the red test lead. Connect the black lead to a ground on the motor frame. Depending on which type megger you
You use the megger to determine the insulation resistance between the windings and the frame (ground) and from 1 winding to the other 2. You would need to separate any interconnections
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How to Megger a Motor
Troubleshooting any electric motor can be accomplished with a simple volt ohm meter. Sometimes, though, the motor has more problems than a simple meter can detect. This is where the high-voltage Megger comes into play.... More »
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