How do you megger a motor?


In order for you to megger a motor, you will need to make sure that you have protective wear, especially on your eyes, such as protective goggles.
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1. Put on safety glasses. Disconnect and remove all power sources to the motor before attempting any type of repair. Double-check by using your volt ohm meter to ensure that all power
Briefly, a megger test is testing an electric circuit at load. The circuit might prove good at normal resistance measuring but fails when applying high voltage. Read the megger result
Michael, Good question, yes isolate incoming power. If you have a 460 volt motor with three leads 500 is good enough. If all the choices you have are 1000 that is OK also. Three leads
You use the megger to determine the insulation resistance between the windings and the frame (ground) and from 1 winding to the other 2. You would need to separate any interconnections
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How to Megger a Motor
Troubleshooting any electric motor can be accomplished with a simple volt ohm meter. Sometimes, though, the motor has more problems than a simple meter can detect. This is where the high-voltage Megger comes into play.... More »
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