How to Mend a Birds Broken Wing?


To mend a broken bird's wing, start by immobilising the broken wing with gauze tape. Wrap this tape around the bird, keeping the wing against the bird's body while going over the broken wing to keep it from moving and allow it to heal. Then you can put the bird into a cage and feed it as it recuperates while changing the gauze once a week.
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The best way to to mend a birds broken wing is to use a splint. Just like a human the bird should be kept as immobile as possible, which generally requires using a smaller cage.
I know you're sad that the little birdie has a broken wing. However it can be fix with a little TLC. You need a Popsicle stick about the length of the birds wing. Place it underneath the broken wing and secure it with some twine. Be careful not to tie it to tight. The bone should reset in about a week.
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