How to Mend a Tumble Dryer?


To mend a tumble dryer when the ECO position is cold, remove the top of dryer and check if the small brush and spring are damaged, if they are, you can buy the parts from an electronics store and fix them. If the control knob or the delay timer sticks, you can also replace the small electric timer motor that can be bought in any electronics store.
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The editors of "Consumer Reports" tested several dozen tumble dryers and named this dryer as one of the best all-around models. It comes in both a gas and electric version
Condenser tumble dryers are becoming very popular because they can be placed anywhere in the drying area of your home and don't require connecting to a vent which goes to the outside
1 Unplug it from the mains. Ad 2 Take top off. 3 Put it on its back.
tumble-dryer: a clothes dryer that spins wet clothes inside a cylinder with heated air
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