How to Mix Baby Oil and Iodine?


If you mix baby oil and iodine, you end up with a darker tan. To mix the two, put several drops of iodine in the baby oil bottle. Shake it up very well before applying to your body.
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1. Open the plastic bottle and set aside the squeeze cap. Measure 1/4 cup portion of the sunscreen with your measuring cup. Pour it into your plastic bottle. 2. Rinse the measuring
Baby powder, or talcum powder, is starchy in composition. When combined with iodine, the powder reaction will be a change in color to a dark blue, purple, or blackish hue depending
Mix 1/4 cups of sunscreen with 1/2 cups of baby oil and
Substances with like polarities mix together better. Since iodine is non-polar, so iodine is more soluble in non-polar solvents. Therefore, it is soluble in oil,chloroform, acetic
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