How to Mix Hard Liquor?


To mix hard liquor, you need the spirit of your choosing and a mixer. Vodka and gin and other clear spirits mix well with juices and fruity flavors. Whiskey or bourbon is best mixed with something with very little flavor, but if you need to mix, a dark soda pop is the best route to take.
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How to Mix Hard Liquor
Many popular mixed drink recipes call for multiple types of hard liquor and non-alcoholic beverages to be combined together. A Long Island iced tea is a good example, as it combines equal parts vodka, tequila, gin, rum and triple sec with sweet and sour... More »
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1. Attach plastic pouring spouts to your liquor bottles. This will help you get accurate measurements of the liquor called for by various drink recipes. 2. Measure alcohol to be used
It dehydrates you by flushing nutrients and vitamins from your system,
I am assuming per fifth? Stolichnaya (Vodka), Russian Standard (Vodka), Bushmills (Whiskey), Beefeater (Gin). Embed Quote
Baijiu, a Chinese white liquor that is typically 80-120 Proof.
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You mix hard liquor with mixers. Some of these mixers include cola, lemonade, margarita mix, cranberry juice or orange juice. ...
Hard liquor refers to distilled alcoholic beverages. A list of hard liquor should include vodka, gin, tequila, whisky, brandy, and soju. Beer, wine and other undistilled ...
You can mix hard liquor when you make certain drinks. This process may include the prices for different types of hard liquor. You can make drinks with reasonably ...
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