How Do You Mix Pimms?


To mix pimms, you will pick ingredients such as lemonade, ice, fresh fruit slices and cucumber slices. Next, put all these ingredients in a cocktail shaker and stir. Finally, pour the mixture in an unusually shaped glass and decorate it using crushed ice.
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Fill a tall glass with ice. Add a shot of Pimm's. Top with Sprite or Seven Up (or Champagne or prosecco if you want to be fancy) Garnish with an orange slice, a strawberry, a raspberry
Ingredients: Pimm's liquor lemon juice simple syrup fruit (strawberry, blueberry,
Mix Pimms and fresh lemonade and sprite/7Up. Pour in a tall glass over ice and add a skewer of cucumber as a stirrer. Delicious!
Start slow and just feel how much you need. Dont drink too much and not too fast. Hard stuff will give you a different buzz and its way too easy to go overboard.
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Pimms is essentially a brand of fruit cups that is also considered as liquor. It is the quintessential summertime alcoholic drink that is mixed with lemonade and ...
I am, it has to be said, somewhat of an aficionado of Pimms and the imbibing of it! Here in the shires of England, we mix one part Pimms No 1 to three parts lemonade ...
Score a bottle of Pimms No. 3 Winter Cup as the base to make winter Pimms. Mix some apple juice, apple and orange chunks, and a cinnamon stick. Heat the mixture ...
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