How to Mix the Color Turquoise?


To mix the color turquoise, extra care is needed in combining blue and green colors. The color is attained by carefully mixing a light green base with very small amount of blue. This mixture results to a tone of light green that has a slightly bluish shade.
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1. Determine the type of color needed for the job. If a bright, clear color is needed, mix a hue - pure colors with no black or white added. A tint is made with white to create a
First mix blue and yellow to get green. Then mix blue and green. Add a bit of white and you're done!
No two colors mixed together will make red, red is a primary color.
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How to Mix Colors to Get Turquoise
Mixing colors is the best way to get the precise shade of the color you're in need of for your project. Turquoise is a color that can vary from a warm to a cool shade. Creating the perfect turquoise is a matter of deciding how much green to add to your... More »
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