How to MOD a Wii?


To mod a wii you will need a MOD-chip, a Nintendo Wii, a soldering iron and solder. You will need a clean, dry and well lit work area to work in.
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1. Put the towel on a table. Remove all of the cables connected to the Nintendo Wii and put it face up on the towel. Pull off the controller port door by pushing it inward and wiggling
1 First you will need to make sure your Wii has version 3. 2u-3.4u on it. Ad 2 Then you will need to download the Twilight Hack. 3 Extract the rar file and put the file on the root
You can mod your wii with a chip or soft mod it with software which is much easier. Installing the homebrew channel allows you to go beyond your wii's restricted limits giving you
it needs to be easy to install and use (not too much soldering and simple commands please and thank you)
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To mod your Wii you will to set aside some time. This is very simple to do on your own and it is becoming more and more common.You can play many other games on ...
To mod your Wii, you will need Wii unlocking software and a SD memory stick. You will need to transfer the mod software files to the SD memory stick using your ...
1. Pull out the power cord and any audio and video cables from the Wii. Put the Wii down on a work surface upside down. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove ...
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