How to Mount a Poster?


Mounting a poster is not a difficult task and is quite cheap to do. First, you need to adhere it to foam board, this is the best way to keep the poster from becoming damaged. Some use tape, adhesive spray, or adhesive stripping to put it on the board. Once it dries and is ready to be hung, place a backing on the back of the board, so that it can be hung from the wall.
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1. Attach a piece of box tape to each corner of the back of the poster. Cut the strips about 6 inches long. You can also place additional strips of box tape in the center of the top
Most framing shops will be able to dry-mount it for you. This is a heat-based process that glues the poster to something else that is stiffer (like foamcore for example). This process
1 On each corner in the back, and in the center of the top edge (if it's heavy), put a couple of pieces of clear box tape, 5" long or so, next to each other, so that you've &
One of the newer methods in setting a poster on a hard backing is by dry mounting it. The method consists of placing a heat-sensitive adhesive between the poster and the board. The
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Mounting posters can be a fairly easy task when you have the proper materials to mount them. Depending on what you mount them on all you need is either tacks or ...
There are a couple different ways to dry mount a poster, but it will depend on the type of frame being used. For poster frames with glass you simply remove the ...
To dry mount a poster, begin by adjusting the picture with the mounting tissue until you are satisfied. Then, place the tacking iron on the release paper and move ...
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