Mounting Deer Antlers?


Deer antlers are usually used as home decorations. The first step in mounting your deer antler is to get plaques, hangers, and braided rope. Step one is cut model for the mounting board from a portion of paper, get a board and use the pattern to mark the board, cut it using a table saw and straighten the edge. Drill 2 holes through the skull plate and hold the antlers on the board.
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1. Cut the pattern for the mounting board from a piece of paper. You can make whatever design you wish, just be sure it's large enough to hold the deer antlers. 2. Choose a board.
They look best mounted on the head of a living deer.
What is Deer Antler Velvet? A light covering of velvet grows on a Deer’s Antlers during a phase of rapid growth that occurs once every year. This light covering of velvet is
1. Prepare your antlers. Cut the antlers and an oval patch of skull from the animal with a handsaw. Place the antlers into a boiling pot of water with the oval patch down for 20 minutes
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The Best Way to Mount Deer Antlers
Once you've taken down a nice buck, it's hard to resist the urge to show off the trophy that its antlers naturally represent. Some people choose to employ the often-expensive skills of a taxidermist, but mounting and showcasing antlers by yourself is... More »
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Mounting a deer antlers! A pride to remember for ever as to how you hunted the deer. I am always intimidated when i see those huge horns on somebody's house. You can find more info at:
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To mount deer antlers onto a board you will have to make sure that the antlers are well smoothed done on the underside. This will ensure proper adhesion. Use a ...
In order to measure deer antlers, start by counting the antlers in order to determine the number of points on each antler. Measure the antlers from tip to tip ...
To score deer antlers, you should first start scoring your deer antlers by figuring out how many points you actually have, take the measurement of the inside spread ...
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