How do you mount deer horns on a board?


To mount deer antlers onto a board you will have to make sure that the antlers are well smoothed done on the underside. This will ensure proper adhesion. Use a glue such as gorilla glue to attach them on.
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1. Cut the antlers and part of the skull cap from the deer head. You must use the skull cap to mount the antlers onto a plaque. Lay the deer head flat and cut straight into the skull
There are several ways that you can mount deer antlers. You will need to cut the antlers from the skull, skin all the flesh away from the bone, and then dry them using a drying agent
1. Choose the location for your camera. Look for a tree along a deer trial. If you're going to retrieve the pictures or video later, you can place the camera almost anywhere, but
1. Loosen the nuts that mount the foot pegs to the frame with a box wrench. The nuts will be in clear view at the point where the pegs meet the frame. 2. Pull the foot pegs off the
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How to Mount Deer Horns on a Board
Deer horns, properly called antlers, can make a nice decoration for a den or gunroom. Mounting the antlers only directly on a board eliminates much of the expense of a full head taxidermy mount. The project can be done in a modest home shop by the... More »
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To mount deer horns, you need to install them onto circular or oblong plaques. Next, connect the plaques on your wall using a drill bit. Make sure the area of ...
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