How do you mount deer horns on a board?


To mount deer antlers onto a board you will have to make sure that the antlers are well smoothed done on the underside. This will ensure proper adhesion. Use a glue such as gorilla glue to attach them on.
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1. Select a piece of wood for the base of the antler mount. Larger sets of antlers require larger boards for mounting but for most deer antlers an 8 or 10 inch wide board and 1 or
1. Run your stud finder across the wall to find the studs where you need to mount your backing board. If your studs are exposed you can mount the backing board directly to them. 2
1. Lay the cork bark flat on a table. Determine which is the top part of the mount. Which way you orient the mount depends on how you want it to look when hanging. 2. Screw the eyebolt
1. Measure the inside of the window casing. 2. Cut 1-by-1-inch board to the length of your measurement. This board is called the batten or header board. 3. Insert the batten against
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How to Mount Deer Horns on a Board
Deer horns, properly called antlers, can make a nice decoration for a den or gunroom. Mounting the antlers only directly on a board eliminates much of the expense of a full head taxidermy mount. The project can be done in a modest home shop by the... More »
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