How to Mount Deer Horns on a Board?


To mount deer antlers onto a board you will have to make sure that the antlers are well smoothed done on the underside. This will ensure proper adhesion. Use a glue such as gorilla glue to attach them on.
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1. Select a piece of wood for the base of the antler mount. Larger sets of antlers require larger boards for mounting but for most deer antlers an 8 or 10 inch wide board and 1 or
A European mount is when the antlers are intact with the rest
I have found you 2 good sites that explains how to mount Elkhorn and Staghorn Ferns. They explain how to do better than I could.….
Hunters spend hundreds of dollars each year on tags, permits, licenses and basic hunting supplies. In addition to these costs, successful hunters spend as much or more to mount trophy
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How to Mount Deer Horns on a Board
Deer horns, properly called antlers, can make a nice decoration for a den or gunroom. Mounting the antlers only directly on a board eliminates much of the expense of a full head taxidermy mount. The project can be done in a modest home shop by the... More »
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To mount deer horns, you need to install them onto circular or oblong plaques. Next, connect the plaques on your wall using a drill bit. Make sure the area of ...
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