How to Neutralize Antifreeze?


Antifreeze is very dangerous and should always be stored in it's original container and kept in a safe place away from children and pets. It takes less than 3 ounces to kill dogs or cats and no more than two tablespoons to kill a child. You can find more information here:
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How to Neutralize Antifreeze
Just like you produce sweat to cool down your body, your engine needs antifreeze to lubricate and cool down its most important part, the engine. Most antifreeze products on the market are made from ethylene glycol base material. Ethylene glycol contains... More »
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To neutralize antifreeze, you can try tomato juice or vinegar. These are bases that have acids in them that will help neutralize the antifreeze. Anti-freeze, also know as Ethylene Glycol, have alkaline-type groups at the ends.
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1. Pour a half cup of vinegar onto the antifreeze spill. Vinegar is a base, which is the opposite of antifreeze, which is an acid. 2. Let the vinegar neutralize the antifreeze for
I know that bad smells (e.g. skunk, swamp mud) are usually bases that need an acid (e.g. vinegar, tomato juice) to neutralize them. I see anti-freeze (ethylene glycol) has alkaline-type
There is at least one brand - Sierra- that contains an additive that makes the antifreeze taste bad. The problem with antifreeze has always been that it has a sweet taste, and animals
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