How to Neutralize Pepper Spray?


There is no way to completely neutralize pepper spray. With this being said, the effects can be lessened. Tearing is an important factor in helping to neutralize pepper spray. Blinking can flush the spray from your eyes. It will relieve some pain. You can use a non-oily soap to remove it off of your face. A non-oily soap would be a dish detergent that is mild. A cold shower will also help the situation. The heat from the spray will have your pours open, so the cold shower will help cool the body down.
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We had an accidental (pepper) spray during court one day and had to call the fire department to bring their huge fans. It took about an hour for the fans to clear the courtroom so
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How to Neutralize Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is an aerosol produced from cayenne peppers used for self-defense. The active ingredient is oleoresin capiscum. When sprayed in the eyes, this spray can cause temporary blindness, burning of the skin and difficulty breathing. The Chinese and... More »
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There is no way to completely neutralize pepper spray. The effect of the pepper can be minimized by treating the affected area with milk. The milk will help to soothe the area. But remember that only a small amount of the pepper spray will cause the burning to continue.
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