How to Nicely Tell Someone off?


To nicely tell someone off can be complicated, but not impossible. You will need to keep your voice down, with no yelling, be as calm as you can and just basically tell the person exactly what it is they did that has you so upset. If it turns into an argument, the best thing to do is walk away.
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Just be blunt and honest with how you feel. A little cursing added might help get the point across too. If you can't do it face to face, call them on the phone, email or write a letter
Wait for the person to approach you before delivering your piece. Do NOT approach them, as if you do, it may come across as very confrontational (if you choose to initiate the discussion
1 Find someone you know WELL and you like . 2 Go and talk to him . 3 Then if he starts flirting with you this is a normal sign, but if he starts swearing to you or being rude . Walk
I cannot tell you exactly what you should or should not do. but I would like to be told something like this(may it be noted i will never get into this predicament) "hey,I am
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