How to Obtain a New Identity?


To obtain a new identity you would need to go to the court house and apply for a name change. To completely change your identity you would have to move to an area that no one knows who you are. Even though your identity can be changed you would still have your same social security number, and the same date of birth.
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How to Obtain a New Identity
Whatever your reason for wanting to change your identity, the process will not be easy. Read below to learn the process of obtaining a new identity and starting life as a new person.... More »
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1. Spend some time thinking about who you'd like to become. What will your new job be? Where will you live? It is vitally important to have a good idea about all those points before
The exquisitely Short Answer is "The Triplet code that is the result of the USE of the TRIPLET CODONS is how Identity is Obtained via Dna.
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Legally changing your name varies by state. Generally you must petition a court and publish the change in a local newspaper.
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