How do you obtain an Oklahoma liquor license?


There are several steps involved for obtaining a liquor license in Oklahoma. The ABLE (Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement) is the licensing body for the state. A couple of items to take into consideration will be who will be serving and where the alcohol will be served. Please refer to the link for the steps involved in obtaining an Oklahoma liquor license:
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1. Visit the Web site of the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE) to obtain an Oklahoma liquor license online submission application (see Resources) 2. Choose
1 Register your vehicle in Oklahoma within 30 days of your move. This is a requirement for a license in this state. Bring 3 forms of ID, the title, proof of insurance and the proper's-License-i...
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Liquor licenses are $30.00 in Oklahoma. Applications are submitted by
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How to Obtain a Liquor License in Oklahoma
Oklahoma business owners who want to obtain a liquor license do so for several reasons, including wanting to serve alcoholic beverages at their restaurant, bar or nightclub. Liquor licenses are also necessary to serve alcohol at a venue for any event,... More »
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You must first apply for the license. There will be conditions to getting approved for one.For example you can not have any felony's to get one. For more information look here: Apply for an Oklahoma liquor license;
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