How do you obtain cell phone call records for free?


Contact your cell phone service provider. You may be able to retrieve this information through their website. You can only access records on your own account.
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1. Wait for your bill to come. Certain cell phone carriers provide cell phone call records for free automatically each month. These records come with each bill. If you know which
You will need to get a police report stating why you need the records and your police department may actually have to file the request for you. If you don't need 'major detail' if
you cant record a call on the phone you are talking on. You can learn the answer for $6.95. visit
Call Trunk ( is easier and cheaper (although not free) Cloud-based, keeps the call saved and available forever, free for the first 25 minutes. Contact
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How to Obtain Cell Phone Call Records for Free
Whether you think you've been charged for cell phone calls you didn't make or whether you want to divvy up who owes what for a shared cell phone service, you need to obtain cell phone call records. Cell phone call records usually come in a multipage... More »
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