How to Oil a Kenmore Sewing Machine?


The instructions for how to oil a Kenmore sewing machine will depend on your model. Your user's manual will have specific instructions for your model, as well as a diagram of parts. After consulting the diagram, drip one to two small drops of oil onto the parts. Alternatively, you could have your machine oiled by a professional.
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1. Check your Kenmore sewing machine user manual for a diagram of the parts to oil for your make and model. If you do not have a manual, search for either a user manual or a service
1 Purchase the proper sewing machine oil. Your local sewing machine dealer can help you choose the proper oil. You can also read your sewing machine manual to see what kind of oil
Bought mine at Sears on 7/16/1983 for the amount of $169.99 plus tax.
To oil, remove bottom plate. Don't lose screws! Oil only moving parts with one drp good quality sewing machine oil, but before you do --remove thread
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How to Oil a Kenmore Sewing Machine
Properly maintaining your Kenmore sewing machine will enhance its usability and extend its longevity. One of the foundational steps for maintaining a Kenmore sewing machine is regularly oiling your sewing machine. The best resource for oiling a Kenmore... More »
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