How do you open a digital safe?


A digital safe is a safe that uses a secret PIN to secure its contents, rather than a non-digital dial. In order to open your digital safe, first insert your key. While the key is inserted but before you turn it, enter your PIN into the keypad. If you enter the wrong PIN several times in a row, the safe may delay you from another attempt for a few minutes. This is to help prevent someone trying to guess the code.
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1. Insert the key into the lock and enter your PIN code. This is the number that you set to use for your safe. If you put in the wrong code, after several attempts it will delay the
1 Determine if you are opening a safe that is locked by a key-lock or a combination-lock. If your safe requires a combination to open, follow the instructions below that are specific
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Most safes are left, right, left, right.meaning 4 turns to the left, stopping on the first number.then 3 turns to the right, stopping on the second number; 2 turns to the left, stopping
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How to Open a Digital Safe
A digital safe is a device that allows you to secure your heirlooms, jewels and documents. Simply place your contents into the safe and they are secured under your PIN (personal identification number) code away from thieves. Most people prefer a digital... More »
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