How to Open a Gas Meter Lock?


It can be done many different ways. The best way is to use the key. It can be pried open with a sturdy screw driver, or cut with lock cutters.
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Gas meter locks are put into place to measure how much gas is used at one time and to determine the price paid. It is unlawful to break into them for the purpose to obtain free gas or pay less.
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1. Use the key. Turn the key clockwise, then back to the left. Remove the key and spin the cap off so you can begin to refuel your vehicle. 2. Freeze the cap. If the cap is stuck
Pay your bills and it will never have a barrel put on it!
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A bolt cutter will do it, but I sure wouldn't risk paying the fine and doing the jail time. In our area, it is a crime to remove a lock installed on a meter by the utility provider.
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They are generally made of less than strong material. You can jimmy the lock with a file of two nails. You can also cut it with bolt cutters. ...
You simply need some lock cutters or bolt cutter and the lock will break very easily. You could be charged for destruction of Gas Company property. ...
A locked gas cap can be opened with its key. However, if there is no key, it can be opened by freezing. Freeze the cap by pouring cold water on it. It only freezes ...
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