How can one open a home daycare?


If you want to open a home daycare you will need to get a licence. After this determine all the services you will offer. Hire some employers to help you. Hire only certified and professional health care workers.
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1. Contact your regulations department. In Washington, contact the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. Request information on what you need to become a licensed in-home
You're now a proud parent and you've exhausted your maternity leave and need to return to your job. Finding a home daycare provider can be a daunting task, but a quick checklist can
Start with a well designed cover page that has your business name and logo. The next page should be an overview of you and your daycare. You can talk about your experience and education
1. Determine which type of registered in home daycare you want to be. There are 3 different categories (A, B, & C) of registration for in home daycare providers in Iowa. The different
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