How do you open a locked file cabinet without a key?


Filing cabinets often use simple locks, so it’s possible to open them with a small, thin metal instrument such as the scraper on a nail clipper.

Filing-cabinet locking mechanisms function by using a metal bar that goes all the way through the cabinet and keeps any of the drawers from opening. Some cabinets have a hole underneath the bottom drawer. If the cabinet owner gets help lifting it, he can push a finger through this hole and raise the rod up in order to release the drawers, allowing the user to open them. Another approach is to force the lock. It is possible to do this with a hammer and a screw driver or with an electric drill. By placing the screwdriver’s head in the lock mechanism and hitting it with the hammer, the lock often pops out and allows the owner to open the drawer. This sometimes takes a few strikes to actually work. Drilling a hole through the lock often has the same result. However, these methods do ruin the lock. Another option is to take the straight scraping tool in a nail clipper and force it into the lock. By jiggling it around, sometimes it becomes possible to turn the lock like a key.

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1. Measure and mark a spot on the top of the file cabinet that is 2 inches in from the front edge of the cabinet and in line with the lock. 2. Using a 1/8 inch drill bit, drill a
First port of call would be to telephone a locksmith specializing it office furniture keys and locks, read the out the number on the lock face and see if they can supply the keys.
Ram, Any locksmiths should be able to open this lock and make a key for it. However there are a lot of "mobile" locksmiths who simply don't have the training or knowledge
I would use a screw driver or if you have another file cab. similar try that key, you may be suprised. If not pry it and straighten the cabinet out afterward.
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How to Open a Locked File Cabinet Without a Key
Locking file cabinets work well to deter unauthorized people from taking a look at confidential files. You can easily misplace the keys for these locks, however, and this leaves the people who actually need the files without access. Before you take a... More »
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Open a locked file cabinet without a key by tilting up the front of the cabinet and pushing up the lever located near the front on the bottom of the cabinet. The ...
There are many different types of file cabinet keys, but you can find out which one by determining the prefix or suffix directly on the face of the key lock. By ...
If the lock is a single-cylinder deadbolt and the knob inside the door is accessible turning the knob opens the lock. If the lock is a double-cylinder lock or ...
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