How to Open a Locked Sliding Glass Door?


The answer to this question will change depending on whether you are trying to open it from the inside or the outside. If you are opening it from the inside you will need to unlock the locking mechaism. If you are trying to open a locked sliding glass door from the outside you might find it more beneficial to call a locksmith to help you safely unlock the door.
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1. Open the sliding glass door so you can reach the handle from both sides. Remove the screws holding the door handle, using a Phillips or slotted screwdriver depending on the screw
From inside, lift the bottom door latch or use a screwdriver to loosen
You don’t need to worry much if the lock of your sliding glass door suddenly malfunctions or gets broken down. Fixing it shouldn’t be that complicated. Here are some easy-to-follow
The rollers themselves are a few dollars at most hardware stores. The main cost is going to be in finding a handyman to replace them. It is a relatively simple job. If you have two
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How to Open a Locked Sliding Glass Door
Sliding glass doors usually separate an outdoor deck area or sunroom from the rest of a home. They are common in homes around the world but feature various locking mechanisms to protect yourself and your property. You might want to unlock a sliding glass... More »
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