How do you open a locked trunk?


There are many ways to open a locked trunk. Depending upon the type of trunk, you may be able to get it open with the use of a hair pin. You can place the pin into the keyhole and maneuver your way around until the trunk becomes unlocked and opens.
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1. Determine what type of lock is holding the trunk closed. Most trunk locks are small internal locks that require a simple key to open. However, some people choose to secure their
If paper clips don't work for you, try scissors like this: Or call and see if you can take it in to a locksmith and save the call out charge.
The ideal way to open a lock is with a key, or in the case of a combination lock to enter the correct combination. If you have locked yourself out though, you can attempt to pick
Use the trunk popper switch! If this switch does not work then use needle-nose pliers or a paper clip to momentarily touch the two pins on the switch's connector which are vertically
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How to Open a Locked Trunk
A locked trunk can be the source of endless hours of frustration. Whether it is a footlocker or a cedar chest, a locked storage container is frustrating. However, it is not an impossible feat to unlock a truck. With just a few small tools and little bit... More »
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