How do you open a personal care home?


To open a personal care home, you will have to meet certain requirements related to zoning and safety. Check with the state level organization that regulates personal care homes and they can provide you with the guidelines. The agency is probably your state department of social services.
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1. Evaluate why you want to start a personal care home. The business involves being responsible for the elderly residents round the clock, including meals, laundry, medical appointments
To open a day care facility you will need to find an appropriate venue. You will need to be licensed by the state and have several degrees and certificates such as CPR.
A family member felt fine yesterday, but today is complaining that they feel terrible with fever and body aches. H1N1 flu or any type of influenza can be life threatening in certain
1. Develop a business plan that describes the type of facility you will open and how you will staff and operate it, obtain clients and generate adequate financing. Thoroughly research
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