How to Open a Safe without the Combination?


Opening a safe without the combination will differ depending on the make of the safe. For a Sentry safe you will fist need to turn the dial to the right until you hear a click when you hit a number. Now you need to turn the dial an additional 2 numbers to the right.
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1. Move your Sentry safe to an area where you can comfortably work, if possible. Insert the key into the safe and turn to unlock. Pull up on the combination handle and hold firmly
plastic explosive.
1. Turn the dial to zero. Apply pressure to the shackle (The U shaped bar) Ad. 2. Place your ear on the back of the lock. 3. Slowly turn the dial. 4. When rotating the dial, you will
Safe-cracking - Safe-cracking is the process of opening a safe, generally without the combination. It may also refer to a computer hacker's attempts to break into a secured computer
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