How to Open a Sealed Envelope and Reseal It?


There is a technique on how to open a sealed envelope and reseal it. One way to do so is to use steam. In that way, the paste will be removed without damage to the paper. Afterwards, you can reseal again using paste.
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1. Pour water into your tea kettle. 2. Set your tea kettle on your stove, over high heat. 3. Wait for steam to emerge from the tea kettle's spout. 4. Hold the envelope a few inches
The best way to open a sealed envelope so it can be resealed is to use
Use steam on where the envelope is, but when you're done, you will need to tape it back together.
It's called "triboluminscence". Another fun way to produce it is to crunch on a Wint-O-Green lifesaver in the dark, in front of a mirror. (It has to be Wint-O-Green, not
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