How to Open a Sentry Safe without the Key?


To open a Sentry safe without the key, you can use a paperclip with certain models. You could also contact a local locksmith, as they can open almost any type of safe. The manufacturer may also be able to send you a replacement key.
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1. Bend the outer leg of a paperclip at a 90-degree angle using your fingers. 2. Bend 1/8 inch of the tip of the extended leg of the paper clip 90 degrees downward using a pair of
These safe are easily opened by a good locksmith. So if you have items in the safe you need to get out a safe and vault tech could drill it open and repair it for a small fee. I really
You can order a replacement key here:
Get the key .lol. For Sentry Safes you can order them online at . You will just need to know your model number and key code or serial number (depending on the
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How to Open a Sentry Safe Without the Key
If you lose the keys to your Sentry safe and you need to retrieve the items within the safe, you can either order a replacement key from Sentry or attempt to open the safe yourself by picking the lock. Picking the lock in a safe is identical to picking... More »
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