How to Open a Shockwave Flash Object?


Unfortunately, you cannot open a Shockwave Flash objects with a regular program. These can only be viewed inside a web browser. You need to open the object in your browser in order for you to be capable of viewing it.
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Install the adobe flash player! at
Instructions. Open your web browser and visit the Adobe Shockwave download link (see Resources). Click the "Agree and Install" button to begin downloading the Shockwave
Here are 3 suggestions: . 1- Change your chrome's flash player settings in Plug-in details. Actually, it's because of internal and external flash player's clash that results in problem
1 Run the OpenOffice Impress program 2 Click the File tab and then Open and select your previously created Powerpoint ( .ppt) file. 3 After the ppt is opened, on the File tab click
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