How to Open a SIG File?


.SIG files are text files which are automatically attached to e-mail messages and usually contain information such as the sender's name and other types of contact information. SIG files are typically accessed from within the e-mail client but can be opened externally by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express as well.
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1. Right-click the file (CTRL" + click on a Mac) and select "Open With. Choose Word Pad or Text Edit, depending on your operating system, from the list of applications.
If you're willing to install a plug-in for Word, you can open ODT files directly in Word without converting Word docs at all. To open an ODT file in Word 2003, you'll need the Sun
1. Right-click on the "41" file. 2. Click "Open with" then select the "Choose default program" option. 3. Click the arrow next to "Other Programs&
1. Verify that you can open the file with the EML extension in another program, such as Windows Mail. Open Windows Mail, and then use "File, and "Open" to open the
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