How do you open a Timex watch?


Timex does not recommend opening their watches on your own, this is why most Timex watches do not come with opening instructions. It is recommended to take your watch to a watchmaker.
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1. Turn the watch over and look for a small notch or indent on the side of the case back. 2. Insert a small tool, such as the blade of a small traditional screwdriver, in the indentation
It all depends on what kind of holder? If you could lets us know I could better
Timex Watch setting. Make sure you are in the hour/minute/second mode. Press "set" - the seconds will flash. Then press "mode" again and the right minute number
The manual is right here...
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How to Open a Timex Watch
Timex does not ship its watches with detailed instructions on how to open them. This is because opening a Timex watch by yourself voids its warranty, and it is a fairly delicate process. If you attempt this yourself, take extreme care. You should also... More »
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