How do you open a skeleton key lock?


In order to open a skeleton key lock, you first need a skeleton key. A skeleton key is normally made for the purpose of opening this particular door, and all other doors within the same building. It is difficult to unlock a lock fitted to a skeleton key, but you could always try picking it with a hair pin.
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Things You'll Need. Skeleton key. Instructions. Check that you have the key that goes with your file cabinet or dresser drawers. While skeleton keys basically have the same design
If you can unscrew the whole lock, a locksmiths may be able to make a new key for it, but that's often more expensive than buying a new lock. I don't understand your phrase 'skeleton
Call a locksmith. Tell them what you have. They should bring/have an assortment of skelton keys and will sell you the appropriate key.
All you need is a very good light and a stiff piece of wire. Thank you for
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How to Open a Skeleton Key Lock
Skeleton keys are basic keys that were used in earlier times. As time went on, homeowners and others demanded more secure ways of protecting their valuables, so more sophisticated keys were developed. Today, skeleton keys are used to lock file cabinets... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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