How do you open a skeleton key lock?


In order to open a skeleton key lock, you first need a skeleton key. A skeleton key is normally made for the purpose of opening this particular door, and all other doors within the same building. It is difficult to unlock a lock fitted to a skeleton key, but you could always try picking it with a hair pin.
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1. Check that you have the key that goes with your file cabinet or dresser drawers. While skeleton keys basically have the same design, they do come in different sizes. Make sure
Your going to have to probably call a locksmith, if you give me you...
Master Locks are sold both as key locks as well as combination locks, hence opening them will depend on the type you have. A keyed lock would of course best be opened with the key
the old antuque locks that use the skelaton keys is a very simple device. It only has one moving part. the paddle on the key flipps it over to unlock the door. if u fiddle with it
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How to Open a Skeleton Key Lock
Skeleton keys are basic keys that were used in earlier times. As time went on, homeowners and others demanded more secure ways of protecting their valuables, so more sophisticated keys were developed. Today, skeleton keys are used to lock file cabinets... More »
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To open a skeleton key lock, you normally only need to stop by your local locksmith and buy a few different sizes of skeleton keys. They are a standard size, and ...
A skeleton key is a type of key that opens many different locks. It has a large open circle at the top, like a head, and a long thin body leading down to the key ...
Antique Skeleton Keys are keys that were or are used to open up antiques. These keys are very popular and can be sold for a good amount of money. Antique keys ...
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