How to Open Aspx Files?


ASPX files are web page files which have been generated by a server using the ActiveX script. Since they are just elements of a web page, they can be opened by using any web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
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Open an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You can do this by clicking on the shortcut from the desktop, or by opening it from the "Start" menu
Adobe Acrobat 9 will open .aspx files on Mac OS 10. When prompted to "save" or "open" the file, choose Adobe Acrobat to open. Alternatively, after saving, open
Hi, U can use Notepad to read it or use Visual Studio 2003/2005 to open the project. Why is this posted to the Samba File Server area? .aspx files are data files intended for .Net
It is very easy to open pps files. Just install Microsoft Office package which already including Microsoft PowerPoint. After installation is finished, you can now open pps files.
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The acronym ASPX stands for active service page extended file. Programs that will open files with extension .aspx include Microsoft Visual Web Developer, Microsoft ...
You can open an ASPX file by double clicking on it so that a default application on the computer can open it. If none is available, you will need to download an ...
ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended which is an ASP.NET script file format. ASPX file type is typically associated with ASP.NET by Microsoft Corporation. ...
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