How do you open up blocked sites in UAE?


The most convenient method to open a blocked site in UAE or in any other country, is to get a VPN account through a VPN service provider. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN service providers are plenty and could be found by searching the internet. Once you have purchased the VPN software application and finished setting up of your account, log into your account and start gaining access to the World Wide Web uninterruptedly.
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You will need a proxy host set up outside the UAE to view content that is forbiddden in that region. Apple and many other site have details on setting this up. You will not need to
1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to a proxy site., and are a few of the available proxy websites. These services are completely free and
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Log into your account and open command prompt(start>programs>acccessories>command>prompt), Then type in net user and enter. Type in net user adminstrator ...
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