How do you operate a stand-up forklift?


If you need to know how to operate a stand up forklift you will need to stand up on the forklift and get a feel for the controls and steering knob. The steering is done with the knob steering plate instead of a steering wheel. The knob moves fast so you must become accustomed to moving it without over steering. Turn the key to start the forklift and make sure the forks are retracted. Move the control handle forward and step on the pedal to go forward.
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1. Stand up in the cab area of the stand up forklift. Make sure that you're situated so that you're facing the controls and that you're comfortable. Once you're carefully situated
A forklift has a control to drive it forward and backward. It also has three hydraulic controls. One lifts the forks up and down. One tilts the forks forward and backward. The other
1. Decide whether you will find a company that can provide an instructor to offer an OSHA-compliant course. An alternative is to consider taking an OSHA Outreach Training Program
The way to operate a forklift may seem easy to people but it's harder then people think. They must be trained to operate because it can be a hazard, driving up the wrong angle and
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How to Operate a Stand Up Forklift
Operating a stand up forklift is completely different than operating a sit down version. Your movements are different, as is the way you pick and move loads. If you do not know how to operate a stand-up forklift, you could cause harm to co-workers and... More »
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To operate a stand up forklift you need the keys to start the lift, and OSHA or on the job training. You start by turning the forklift on and then operate the forklifts movement using the steering horn. This is like a joystick, only more sensitive in that you are operating a huge piece of heavy machinery. Be sure that when you?re moving the lift to the floor the lift is angled slightly upward. Drive forward toward the item you?re going to pick up and when you have positioned the lift under it slowly lift the fork. Be sure to be gentle with the peddles and lift while transporting materials on the lift.
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