How to Operate a Summer Camp?


Operating a summer camp takes a great deal of time consuming effort. You will be responsible for the safety and well being of many children. It is important to have all insurances you need in place. Meal planning, finances, entertainment, and proper staffing are all your responsibility. Having an emergency plan in place is very, very important, in case of injuries.
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1. Organize and keep track of bills, as this is crucial to the successful operation of the camp. Create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or use a business program, such as Quickbooks
Going to overnight camp is an enriching experience for many kids. Certainly, your child's camp will send a packing list with what to pack for camp, but you can expect some of the
1. Check the cost of the camp. This can be tricky sometimes because the cost does not always cover everything. When you learn the cost, ask these general questions: Will it include
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How to Operate a Summer Camp
Summer camp is a vacation alternative for many children. Operating a summer camp requires effort, organization, motivation and commitment. You are responsible for all aspects of the camp, including finances, safety of the staff and campers, menus,... More »
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