How do you operate a summer camp?


Operating a summer camp takes a great deal of time consuming effort. You will be responsible for the safety and well being of many children. It is important to have all insurances you need in place. Meal planning, finances, entertainment, and proper staffing are all your responsibility. Having an emergency plan in place is very, very important, in case of injuries.
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Summer camps are more popular than ever, so they fill up fast. If you've got the time to pore over camp materials, contact camp directors or even arrange for an off-season tour, all
1. Find sponsors and sources of income. Before implementing all the steps necessary to organizing the summer camp, craft a budget and solicit sponsorship from area businesses. Whatever
1 Bring cute but simple t-shirts, not too fancy. You're going to be in the hot, sticky wilderness for weeks so there are obvious choices you need to make. Of course, bring something
1. To keep food cool, use a lunchbox or cooler that is insulated and pack reusable gel or ice packs around the food. Thermal containers also help to keep food hot or cold, such as
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How to Operate a Summer Camp
Summer camp is a vacation alternative for many children. Operating a summer camp requires effort, organization, motivation and commitment. You are responsible for all aspects of the camp, including finances, safety of the staff and campers, menus,... More »
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