How to opt out of


The website states to call 1-888-704-1900 or to email Always read the fine print when signing up for any web service, especially those that require a paid subscription.
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The easiest way would be not to send back the paperwork that tells the company you have accepted their offer. If you tear up the offer, you have opted out, so in a nutshell, don't
1. Log into your email account and go into your inbox. 2. Click on the desired email you want to opt out of. This could be a marketing email from retail stores or a junk email sent
I sent an email to telling them to delete my file. They sent me a phone number to "remove my public profile" - 888-704-1900. Had to hold for quite a while
1. Text the word “STOP” to “729669”. This is the SayNow opt out short code and will automatically stop text notifications. Ad. 1. Go to the SayNow login page
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