How to Orally Pleasure a Man?


To orally pleasure a man, start by doing a bit of dirty talking and teasing: men like this a lot. Next, use your mouth gently and do not use too much force to tease him. Gentle nibbling and licking is good and remember never to bite or blow too hard on his member.
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well, he might like his d!ck being sucked and he might like to seduce his partner, you can literally do anything when you have oral sex First answer by Skyecherrypie4eva. Last edit
That's SAD! I don't understand these women that won't go down on their man! I am a White woman with a BLACK bf and he is HUGE..and I go down on him whenever I get the chance. I LOVE
Tease him with touch. Give him a lick. Take him in your mouth. Watch the
I think he'll be happy just to get it. I can't seem to find any woman that will do it in the first place.
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