How to Order Tickets from Ticketmaster?


You can order tickets directly from Ticketmaster at their website at You will need to search for the event that you want to go to by using the search bar.
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1. Turn your Ticketmaster ticket around so that you can see the back. The "Ticketmaster" logo on the back of the ticket should be facing towards you and should be legible.
Boy, good luck with that!! You can TRY contacting them, but my experience has been that they don't give refunds unless the concert or event has been postponed or canceled, and even
The phone number for Ticketmaster Express is:
Ticketmaster requires pre-sale codes. You can try Stub DB. No pre-sale password needed. Great seats available. Source(s):
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Ticketmaster order confirmations usually signify that a booking has been successful. To find the order number on a Ticketmaster ticket, turn your Ticketmaster ...
To contact Ticketmaster customer service about previously ordered tickets call 1-800-650-8000, and to order tickets please call 1-800-745-3000. To contact Ticketmaster ...
In order to cancel your Ticketmaster ticket, you need to notify them in advance. Otherwise, you will not be able to cancel the tickets. They will usually give ...
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