How to Organise an Annual General Meeting?


To organise an AGM, decide on the location where the meeting will take place and the means of communication to use, choose a favourable venue which members will be comfortable with lastly make sure you have the exact number of delegates attending the meeting so as to budge what will be used during the meeting. Set the date and time.
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The AGM is normally conducted by the Chair of the organisation. Minutes of the meeting should be taken by the Secretary. A typical AGM agenda will cover the following items: Opening
A mandatory yearly meeting of shareholders that allows stakeholders to stay informed and involved with company decisions and workings. Investopedia Says: This yearly meeting is the
The annual meeting of shareholders is a time for management to give an accounting of the condition of the corporation. It also offers a chance for shareholders to voice any concerns
HSBC's Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is usually held towards the end of May each year. Follow this link to check if the date of the next AGM has been formally announced
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