How do you organize an annual general meeting?


Every incorporated firm is required to hold an annual general meeting each calendar year. In order to organize a successful annual general meeting you should plan the meeting ahead of time.

Directors and shareholders gather together to go over certain corporate matters, such as election of new directors, issuance of dividends, an approval of minutes from the prior general meeting, officers compensation, selection of new auditors, an approval of the audited accounts, and various other matters raised by the shareholders.

A requirement to hold an annual general meeting and how often the meeting should be held is stated in the bylaws of a corporation. You need to arrange a suitable date and time to make sure both directors and shareholders can be available to attend the meeting.

An appropriate location should be arranged well in advance. If an audit report is required to be presented at the meeting, you need to let the auditors know by what date the report should be issued and delivered to you.

A written notice should be sent to all parties required to attend the meeting. You need to prepare all voting forms if voting is expected to be held. Refer to the bylaws of the corporation to make sure all required items are covered at the meeting.

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